Adrian Peterson Arrest Video: A Blurry Look at What Happened

| by Alex Groberman

Adrian Peterson was arrested early Saturday morning for getting into an altercation of some sort with an off-duty police officer.

Initial reports noted that his arrest was for resisting arrest – which was odd because, obviously, you need to be arrested for something before you can resist that arrest.

Later reports indicated that, apparently, Peterson ignored the officer’s orders to leave a nightclub. At some point shortly after the officer’s request, things reportedly got physical. The details from that point forward are murky; when it was all said and done, though, Peterson wound up in bracelets.

On Sunday, TMZ released this blurry video of the arrest:

To this point, Peterson hasn’t said much about what happened. His response to everything that transpired and the subsequent media coverage has been limited to this:

More information is expected to come out this week.

(Kudos TMZ)

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