2012 NFL Mock Draft: Atlanta Falcons (V2.0)

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Since free agency has started, the Falcons have been inactive. My mock off-season is now just trimmed down to the Mock Draft, but I do have good news, according to several sources Atlanta could receive a 6th round compensatory selection for former punter Michael Koenen.

From the looks of it Harvey Dahl's contract which is worth around 4 Mil a year should cancel out the majority of Ray Edwards contract which is worth about 5 mil a year. The kicker (no pun intended) is that the Bucs gave Koenen a contract worth about 2 mil which would give Atlanta about a 1.7 Mil net loss in FA, which is usually worth a 6th round comp pick. So with no further delay let's kick start the Mock.

2nd Round, 55th Overall Pick. Kelechi Osemele OG ISU, 6'5 335 LBs. Let's face it Atlanta has to do something to fix the OLine, they have to protect Matt and create holes in the running game, Osemele can do exactly that, and he is surprisingly athletic for his size. He is a bulldozer in the running game, literally they're are videos of him just shoving Big XII lineman out of the way. He is also solid in the pass game but needs to bend and use his strength better. So why is Osemele falling? For one he has a history of nagging ankle injuries that turn some teams off, he's not a good fit for a cut blocking scheme like the Texans use. There have also been some questions about his work ethic. Osemele is athletic and agile enough to play in a zone scheme and I just want to see him chuck the nearest linebacker 10 yards on a dive play.

3rd Round, 87th Overall Pick. Mike Martin DT/5-Tech UM. 6'1 310 LBs. No he's not a DE, but Mike Martin is a fiery DT with a relentless motor. He has one of the best techniques out of a DT in this class. He is stout at the point of attack and plays with great leverage. The kid has a ton of tools, he can stuff the run and rush the passer. He's going to fall because this DT class is strong and DTs are becoming a less valued position as more teams are looking for DEs and 3-4 OLBs, along with CBs and safeties to counter the passing attacks in the NFL. Martin is going to be a steal for whoever takes him and hopefully that is us.

5th Round 151st Overall Pick. Michael Egnew, TE, Mizzou. 6'5, 250 LBs, 4.62 40 time. Egnew frustrates me and excites me at the same time. He flashes talent but he also has trouble getting separation. He has good hands and good intangibles, a low 4.6 at 250+ lbs is good. He also has great size but he needs to learn how to block. He's a project but he'll get a year behind Tony Gonzalez, and that should help if he is the pick.

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6th Round 183rd Overall Pick. Omar Bolden, CB, ASU. 5'10 195 LBs, 4.45 40. Bolden is a guy I love in this draft. He's falling because he's torn his ACL and well, this DB class is just stacked. Bolden can play press, man, zone, he can do it all. He has the speed and agility to keep up with most wide receivers. Bolden also reads routes well and has a good set of hands. He's going to be a steal this late in the draft.

6th Round, Compensatory Pick (Projected). Kashif Moore, WR, UConn. 5'9 180 LBs, 4.42 40. Moore is a guy that caught my eye at the combine, he is blazing fast, and jumped a 43.5 Vert. That's Borderline Grimey for his size. Upon doing further research he has a great pair of hands and could be a good returner as well as a great #4 option.

7th Round 215th Overall Pick. Cordarro Law, DE/OLB Southern Miss. 6'2 261 LBs. Law is a guy who is quick off the snap possesses a ton of athleticism and has a relentless motor, I believe he can be the next James Harrison. He has a ton of upside and will likely be a steal here.

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