2012 Atlanta Falcons: 10 Players Who are Key to this Team’s Success

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The Falcons are sitting pretty at 12-2 right now. Tonight, they look at the Lions for a chance to hit 13-2.

During the preseason I thought this team was good enough to be a contender this year. I wasn't sure how good our new identities would look on offense and defense, but to my surprise, the Falcons look damn good.

This week I want to give you my favorite players of the season. The holidays are about lists and here are the top 10 Falcons I am thankful for and in no particular order,

1. Matt Ryan - our un-denied leader. On the verge of leading 3 different receivers to 1000 yards... Wow!

2. Sean Weatherspoon - He is the leader of this defense, he swarms the football, he wears the green dot on his helmet, but most importantly leads D-block into a-lot of their youtube antics.

3. John Abraham - The Predator. Enough said.

4. Sam Baker ? He has stepped his game up this season, from goat to ballplayer in less than 3 months.

5. Thomas Decoud - 4 interceptions leads the backend of the Falcons defense.

6. William Moore- The Mizzou Hammer. 2 picks. 2 forced fumbles, and a hell of alot of bang-bang plays.

7. Tony G - Over 850 yards and he is how old? Tony is the best tight end in the NFL right now and probably the best to ever do it. 

8. Asante Samuel- He delivers week after week. He is the key in January to come up with big plays. Mr Pick Six has lived up to his name in Atlanta.

9. Julio/Roddy - These two guys are irreplaceable, both over 1,000 yards. Both playing injured and fighting through it. The lead the most dynamic receiving threat in the NFL.

10. Jacquizz Rodgers- 35 receptions, 60 rushes, and multiple huge conversion plays. The fans have been wowed this year by little Jacquizz and his change of pace style running, but we demand more. He has outplayed #33 this season and in my opinion should be the main option in the backfield come January.

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