Why Tyler Bray's Bottle-Throwing Incident is No Big Deal

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Yesterday, Tyler Bray turned a pretty boring Wednesday afternoon in July into one that will be referenced many a time during the upcoming season.  Bray and his roommate were accused of throwing beer bottles and golf balls off their apartment balcony onto cars in the apartment complex parking lot. 

One car took the brunt of most of the throwing, as its windshield was cracked and the top now has some dents sprinkled about.  The owner of the car decided not to press charges after Bray said he would pay for the damage (Uncle Phil is putting the money in his account as you read this), so it looks like other than some miserable early morning workouts, Bray will escape any other punishment.

And while the bottle-throwing is the main story here, I'd like to point out that Bray is 20 and lives with a 26-year old who is not in school.  I first thought that meant he lived with a townie, but the article mentions that his roommate is gainfully employed, which rules out townie status.  The only ways this is not exceptionally weird is if they are related or Bray was assigned an over-21 roommate so he would not get into trouble trying to buy beer, which, given his decision-making ability, eventually would have happened.  I don't know, but WE NEED ANSWERS CONCERNING THIS LIVING ARRANGEMENT.

Anyway, while what Bray did reeks of an abundance of PRECIOUS COLLEGE FREE TIME, he was merely taking part in a Tennessee starting quarterback summertime tradition.  Why even the great Peyton Manning threw a beer bottle or 50 at parked cars.  Though Peyton's throwing did a little more damage than Bray's:


And how about those since Peyton Manning?

Tee Martin:

(photo not available; spent summer counting money)

Casey Clausen:


Erik Ainge:


Jonathan Crompton:


Matt Simms:


(While out at lunch today, Gray is savagely beaten by Phil Simms)

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