What Can We Expect From ESPNU's Sylvester Croom Documentary?

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ESPN announced that a 1-hour documentary on the life of former Mississippi State head coach, terminator of Ed Orgeron's Ole Miss career, and career NFL running backs coach Sylvester Croom will air later this month on ESPNU.  The documentary will include interviews with Croom, players and administrator types at Mississippi State during the Croom era, and other people associated with the SEC.

No doubt the film will paint Croom as a man of great integrity and character, which I'm sure is true, but we can expect to be savagely barraged with the "he did things the right way at Mississippi State" crutch.  As I've said before in relation to Croom, when that's what multiple people say about a head coach, it's a nice way of saying, "He's a good guy, but a sh***y, sh***y football coach." 

Doing things the "right way" is nothing more than making sure your players are eligible, winning, and not having the house you built collapse on top of you by being stupid enough to get caught while trying to do those first two things.  There is no such thing as a head coach who is the squeaky clean champion of ethical behavior.  There are only coaches who know how to win in the current setup and those who are very bad at winning in the current setup.

And since the documentary won't be showing those moments that made him totally unfit to be the head coach of a football team, and permanently coaching running backs in the NFL, let us remember those Croomin' moments of a good man who didn't know his ass from his elbow in football sense.

The perpetual crooked hat

Perhaps he was a former baseball player way ahead of the trends, but the hat always remained tilted.

Ending Ed Orgeron's career at Ole Miss

One of the happier moments of Croom's time at State, punctuated by him, a grown-ass man, running around the field with a giant State flag.  The only way this could have been better is if he had held the flag while someone drove him around in his golf cart:


The Michael Henig 6-interception game against LSU

On this night, Croom allowed his quarterback to remain in the game long enough to throw 6 interceptions in what remains as one of the greatest live-action throw-a-player-under-the-bus moments I've ever watched.  And for your convenience, the interception times are as follows:

#1  1:31
#3  3:35
#4  4:00
#5  6:30
#6  8:20

Sadly, the second one did not make the film, but it did lead to LSU's first touchdown of the night.


Exhaustion from lack of golf cart


West Coast offense is hard, y'all

2004 total offense rank

2005 total offense rank

2006 total offense rank

2007 total offense rank

2008 total offense rank


Remember the Maine


Thanks for the check


Keeping it close with LSU






The end is near


"My eyes, the goggles do nothing!"




Loyal fans to the end

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