Photos: Bobby Petrino’s Infamous Motorcycle is Being Auctioned Off

| by Alex Groberman

How would you like to own a piece of history?

Former Arkansas head football coach Bobby Petrino fell off his motorcycle on April 1 of this year. In order, here is what happened almost immediately after that accident took place:

It was revealed that he had a 25-year-old blonde passenger on board at the time of the accident. Said blonde passenger, Jessica Dorrell, took off before the authorities arrived on scene. We then found out that Dorrell was also Petrino’s subordinate; which shouldn’t have theoretically been a problem so long as they weren’t doing anything inappropriate on the side.

Police reports that came out shortly after the accident contradicted Petrino’s version of events. It was eventually revealed that Dorrell was his mistress. Not too long after that, we found out that Petrino engaged in wrongful HR practices when he hired her in a shady manner and gave her money that he shouldn’t have given her. After a few days, Petrino was fired. A couple of weeks later, Dorrell opted to leave her post at Arkansas.

And all of that happened thanks to one unfortunate, unlucky motorcycle.

Now, that cursed Harley Davidson is being auctioned off on Currently there is one bid on it for $2,500.

The motorcycle is being listed at a value of $16,000, but it also needs more than $18,000 in repairs. Chew on that math.

Here are a few photos in case you're interested in making a purchase:

Yup, Hog Wild.

If this isn’t a collector’s item, I don’t know what is.

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