Ole Miss Fan Throws Wild Tantrum Over Loss To LSU (Video)

| by Michael Allen

An Ole Miss fan named "Ashley" went ballistic on Saturday after the LSU Tigers beat the undefeated Ole Miss Rebels 10-7.

According to, a man wearing a LSU T-shirt taunted Ashley and filmed her (video below) as she cursed him and the Tigers, and smashed a carton of milk.

Ole Miss dropped to 7-1, while the Tigers are 7-2.

Ashley told that she is not an Ole Miss alumni, but was born in Mississippi and has always been an Ole Miss fan.

Ashley moved to Baton Rouge, La., a few months ago with her boyfriend, whom she identified as the cameraman.

"I think I had a little bit too much to drink," Ashley told

She apparently took a nap during halftime when Ole Miss was ahead 7-3, but was woken up by her boyfriend singing the LSU fight song.

"One of the reasons I was crying was also because I had 30 LSU fans in my house and I really hate the smell of corndogs," added Ashley.

"Oh, it was all real," Ashley said of the video. "My mom didn't think it was so great."

When asked about her LSU boyfriend, Ashley replied, "We're still together. I didn't break up with him or anything. I really do hate LSU though."