Could Lorenzo Ward End Up Leaving South Carolina for Georgia State?

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Could Lorenzo Ward be on the short list for the head coaching job at Georgia State? Rumors are spreading, even Darryl Slater of The Charleston Post & Courier wrote about the potential and so did Mr. SEC. Asked if he’d be interested in the Panthers’ job, Ward said:

“You can’t ever say ‘no’ in this business, but I have a great job.”

Let me go ahead and help Coach Ward on this choice if asked...Say No.

I could understand the draw of a head coaching job but life as a defensive coach within the SEC will garner you much more in the long run. Coach Ward has only had the job for a year and if he could just hang in there for a few more then he could get a bigger job. Ward is a great coach, excellent recruiter and is well-respected. 

Coach Ward has a bright future and with no disrespect to GSU, Ward could (and will) do better. So again...just say no.

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