College Football Food: SEC Cake Ideas

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If you avoid work while at work and spend your time demanding that the interwebs provide you will constant entertainment so you won't even be tempted to do work, you probably saw the groom's cake from a wedding of a Georgia Tech grad

If you are a dutiful employee and did not, here's what I'm talking about (because clicking that link is WAY too much trouble):


That would be whatever UGA Georgia is on right now, freshly run over by, judging from the tire size, a smart car, which I assume all Georgia Tech grads drive.  I have no evidence to support my brain's thought process other than NERDS AND STUFF, but that's where my head is.

Anyway, this brings up the question of what kind of groom's cake I would want to get, assuming it could top a cookie cake or hundreds of packages of Nutty Bars, which would be VERY difficult to do.  But, it's an area worth exploring, so here are a few ideas I'll be kicking around until my future wife sees them and says, "Haha.....NO."

Houston Nutt SI cover
I call dibs on a piece with nothing but the sunglasses. 

Anything with Billy Brewer wearing the red pants
I'd also be open to an artist's rendering of Brewer in the red pants, talking with Joe Lee Dunn, who is very clearly not wearing socks.

A shot of The Joe Lee Dunn Show from his days as head coach of Ole Miss
I don't believe any footage of this still exists, as Ole Miss administrators probably destroyed all evidence that they allowed him to be the head coach for an entire year, but the above video gives you an idea of what it was like.  Only on the Ole Miss version, there was less technology, Joe Lee Dunn muttered more, and David Kellum was there, doing his best to be upbeat as highlights of the Rebels getting their skulls kicked in ran.

Dan Mullen celebrating the state championship
We've now reached the trolling portion of my ideas.  Another idea is a cake of a private jet, with Mullen climbing on board, as he's about to be whisked away to another job interview he never had.

NCAA PLOI to Mississippi State with Robert Khayat Cc'd
One of the great conspiracy theories that no one outside of Mississippi ever cared about.  Except this one was COMPLETELY TRUE.

Cam Newton in an MSU uniform

Tad Smith Coliseum burning to the ground
I would probably cry tears of joy if I saw this on a cake or in cake form.

Still shot of Ed Orgeron's Hummer ad
Most everything about the Ed Orgeron era at Ole Miss was not good times.  This was not one of those times. 

Billy Brewer and Jackie Sherill smiling together

As great as this would be, it would also set into motion the end of times.  Well, maybe not the end of if all, but surely would result in Brewer and/or Sherrill hunting me down and lecturing me on the lack of qualities of the other man.  WHICH WOULD BE TOTALLY AWESOME.

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