Arkansas Head Coach John L. Smith Finally Focused on What's Important

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Arkansas head coach rental John L. Smith took time out from calling the local news station to report the temperature and barometric pressure outside the back door of his office (near the tomato garden) to update the Twitter masses on the activities of a blimp flying over Arkansas' campus.

In case you were wondering:



What happened after that we'll never know, as Smith was forced to stop following the blimp so he could report that the wind was light and variable out of the west, southwest.  No doubt it was Houston Nutt piloting the blimp, trying to spy on the latest goings on in Fayetteville to gather information for his master plan of destruction of the Arkansas football program. 

Thankfully for Arkansas fans, Smith, carefully monitoring his yard, was spotted by Nutt, who knew that when you're up to something and you see see an old man in his yard eyeballing you, it's best to run before he calls in the neighborhood watch.

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