Map: The Most Popular College Football Team In Each State

| by Jonathan Wolfe

There are some great in-state rivalries in college football. You’ve got Florida State vs. Florida, Texas vs. Texas A&M, Auburn vs. Alabama – the list goes on. Every time these teams meet, the inevitable arguments starts about which team is the top dog in the state. Well, we’ve got a map to help settle the debate.

The people over at TicketCity published a map showing which college football team is the most popular in each state. The TicketCity crew used Google analytics, social media metrics, and ticket pricing data to find their answers.

Some of the results are about what you’d expect – Alabama beats out Auburn and North Carolina beats out North Carolina State, for example – but there are a handful of surprises to be seen, too.

Here’s the map:

Most popular college football team by state. (Provided)

My biggest surprise? The Texas Longhorns aren’t the most popular team in Texas – Texas A&M is. Ten years ago, that would have been a ridiculous thing to say. Not only are tickets more expensive for A&M games than Longhorn games, but A&M has twice as many twitter followers and five times as many Facebook followers as the Longhorns do. 

Another interesting, even if less surprising, result: Florida is still more popular than Florida State. How often is the national champion not the most popular team in their home state? I was also surprised to see Arizona top Arizona State. The Sun Devils have had much more success in recent years than the Wildcats. 

Be sure to keep this map handy for those rivalry week debates.