A Closer Look at Phil Fulmer's Future Job Prospects

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Last week, I mentioned that whenever a position of any sort becomes available in college football, Phil Fulmer immediately lets the world know that he would gladly step into that position.  I don't know if it's because he loves college football that much, has no hobbies, or misses the thrill of operating in the gray area.

So far, nothing has worked out for Fulmer, as no one seems to want his services.  And that's a shame because the mention of his name or appearance of his face drives up Alabama fan irritation by at least 65%, which is fun for everyone.  But, what if he had been hired for the positions he has sought.  It would have looked a little something like this:


Arkansas Head Coach

Stock Photography Insurance Salesman

Children's Hospital Mime

Head of the Neighborhood Watch

Unbiased NCAA Football Selection Committee Member

(just kidding, he's totally biased, but for the right price can be unbiased for you)

Ambassador to District 12 in The Hunger Games

Server of Subpoenas in the State of Alabama

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