Will Hugh Freeze, Ole Miss Try to Recruit Any Penn State Players?

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Not long after Penn State football was cast into what is basically that hole-in-the-ground prison in The Dark Knight Rises, football programs across the country are moving in to take the players who are both good enough and don't want to spend the rest of their careers watching their team get worse and worse. 

The NCAA is allowing a "free transfer" for all players, which means players at Penn State can transfer to another school without having to sit out a year, as would normally be the case. 

Many schools are interested at the possibility of adding experienced D-I players, but at this point, no one has any hard evidence as to which schools are going after which players.  One school that is all about finding warm bodies, particularly on the offensive line, where our backup left tackle is a junior college walk-on and general talent OH BOY NOT GOOD, is Ole Miss. 

Hugh Freeze confirmed he is looking at some Penn State players, but offered nothing more than that for now.

As a non-scientist, I have previously ventured into the field of whether or not Hugh Freeze was going to offer someone a scholarship, which produced groundbreaking results.  Now, still holding my non-scientist title, I return to this field and offer insight into which Penn State players will be offered scholarships by Hugh Freeze.


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