Penn State News Round-Up: Joe Paterno, Jerry Sandusky Trial, Northwestern and More

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I do not live in the state of Virginia, but I have vacationed there many times. As a kid making family trips to Williamsburg my parents forced me to soak in historic Williamsburg but rewarded me with a visit to Busch Gardens.

While stuck in the back seat with my Game Boy I would jot down how many different state licence plates we would come across on the road. It was a mundane way to pass the time, but eventually my keeping track of different state license plates shifted to seeing how many personalized license plates from the state of Virginia we could find. For some reason I was surprised just how many personalized license plates we would see from the state of Virginia, and to this day I wonder why that is. Maybe one you our Virginia-based readers can fill me in with a comment below.

As you know there are a number of Penn State alums and fans living in the Virginia region, and seeing a Virginia plate supporting Penn State is not all that uncommon. One Penn Stater took notice of a license plate thanking Joe Paterno recently.

Thanks Joe Pa, Virginia licence plate
Nice find by a Penn State fan, via Reddit.

I will be honest. Other than the news this week about Devon Smith (still unconfirmed by Penn State football offices), it has been a slow week for Penn State football news. On Bleacher Report I was asked how long it will be until Penn State is back to making a serious push for a Big Ten title. I don't think it needs to take very long. I also took a look at what this year's incoming freshmen should expect this fall.

But let's move on, shall we?

In Scores of Other Games...'s Big Ten blogging duo debate which team from Illinois will have the better season. Surprisingly, perhaps, Adam Rittenberg goes against his Northwestern roots. He does go to bat for the Big Ten here, calling out some national writers for their written support of SEC commissioner Mike Slive.

Meanwhile, Big Ten Network blogger Brent Yarina takes a look at Athlon Sports' 25 Big Ten Heisman candidates. The folks at BTN are also taking your suggestions for the next batch of Big Ten Greatest Games. I am officially nominating the 1999 Penn State at Miami game (No flags! No flags! No flags!) for consideration. Third-ranked Penn State pulling out a stunner in the Orange Bowl against the Big East's eight-ranked Miami team? Yeah, that was pretty great.

Purdue has a new president.

Ho-hum, just another verbal commitment for Michigan. Brady Hoke is doing some serious work in Ann Arbor.

Jerry Sandusky Trial Updates

Closing arguments were heard Thursday morning, with Jerry Sandusky's defense lawyer Joe Amendola reportedly putting forth as strong a closing argument as imaginable.

The jury moved to the deliberation process yesterday and took seven hours to review testimony heard from the trial before finally calling it a night, with deliberations continuing Friday morning. The jury has asked to review the testimony of Mike McQueary.

Of course, the bombshell announcement by Matt Sandusky, one of Jerry's adopted sons, that he was also (allegedly) abused by his adopted father will not be learned by the jury until after the verdict is reached. Matt was prepared to take the stand for the prosecution as a rebuttal witness in the event the defense placed Jerry on the stand. Matt had previously denied any abuse from Sandusky, making him a potential easy target for the defense on the stand if he were to be a regular witness. Matt Sandusky also approached the prosecution with the information after they were wrapping up their side of the arguments in the trial.

Stay tuned.

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