Penn State News Round-Up: Jerry Sandusky Trial, Matt McGloin, Tom Dienhart, Michigan and More

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We know the Sandusky trial is an important story to follow, and we will have plenty of coverage and links on that later, but here at the Cup of Joe we will always start with Penn State football, followed by a look around the Big Ten. Moving forward, Sandusky trial updates will come at the end. Now, let's pour that Cup of Joe, shall we?

It has been about a week now since he was named the starting quarterback for the 2012 season, and Matt McGloin is working on taking on more of a leadership role. The York Dispatch took a look at McGloin's high school leadership experience to see just what he might be able to bring to the Nittany Lions.

The Big 33 game is this weekend, and while only a small number of players will go on this fall to play for Penn State, defensive end Evan Schwan is embracing the opportunity and looking forward to the future.

Tom Dienhart ranked the secondary units in the Big Ten. Penn State's secondary rankes seventh in the conference, which seems fair enough to say after losing D'Anton Lynn Drew Astorino, Nick Sukay and Chaz Powell. Look for Adrian Amos (pictured right vs. Eastern Michigan, via PSU Live) to be one of the names to fill those shoes this fall.

Victory Bell Rings has a weekly recruiting update to share today.

In scores of Other Games...

Northwestern landed the transfer of former Stanford defensive back Quinn Evans. Evans, who graduated this spring, will be eligible for the fall.

Credit to Michigan for seeking out Pac 12 opponents prior to the upcoming Big Ten-Pac 12 schedule agreement. Don't you wish Penn State and others would take this kind of initiative?

Obligatory Red Hot Chili Peppers video here.

The recent Auburn shooting incident has drawn us all in as police look to track down the suspected shooter. An all-out standoff involving local, state and federal authorities started in the early evening yesterday and continued until the middle of the night when police were called off. Despite leaving the scene, authorities feel they have their suspect right where they want him.

On a lighter note, this Twitter spat between LSU's Tyran Mathieu and Alabama's AJ McCarron was fun.

Jerry Sandusky Trial Updates

Jerry Sandusky TrialThe uncomfortable testimony started yesterday in the trial of former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. Victim 4 spent four hours on the stand Monday afternoon, sharing stories of his relationship with Sandusky and the betrayal he felt. We learned that Sandusky allowed Victim 4 to take LaVar Arrington's jersey from the locker and put it on. It disturbed Arrington upon hearing the news. Sandusky also used Penn State letterhead (naturally) to write letter to Victim 4, and Victim 4 also denied repeatedly before that Sandusky had abused him out of fear, probably 50 times.

Some of the more notable developments that were made yesterday included the possibility that former defensive coordinator and interim head coach Tom Bradley may have been suspicious of Sandusky and his showering activity. Victim 4 testified that Bradley was thought to be suspicious and that Bradley remained in the area and talked until Sandusky and the victim left.

The defense would like for the entire grand jury testimony from Penn State officials to be admitted in to court, as well as the entire autobiography of Sandusky. From a legal perspective, this makes sense. Admitting the entire autobiography will counteract any statements used in part by the prosecution that may otherwise cast a dark image f Sandusky without the full context. And asking for previous testimony to be admitted would be critical to the defense as those who testified previously are expected to not take the stand in this trial in order to not self-incriminate before their own trials.

One development that raised some eyebrows was news that Sandusky will, at some point, take the stand in his own defense. Sandusky has never backed down from talking on his own behalf so this may not come as much of a surprise, and his lawyer would have a responsibility to his client to place him on the stand if the client chooses to do so. Should he testify?

NBC News is reporting that former university president Graham Spanier corresponding via email with Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, and those emails allegedly show a concise decision to not contact authorities about abuse allegations linked to Sandusky. According to the report, Spanier and Schultz agreed that it would be "humane" to Sandusky not to report the abuse to the proper authorities. If true...

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