Penn State News Round-Up: Darren Rovell's Economics Lesson, Big Ten Network and More

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Darren Rovell, CNBC's sports business analyst, provides plenty of information to his mass of Twitter followers but every now and then he will share some insight that just makes you wonder why he felt the need to tweet it.

Yesterday he was briefly discussing Penn State and season ticket sales for Penn State. Of course, yesterday was the first day student tickets went on sale (buy them here if you are eligible), suggesting that Penn State is having trouble selling season ticket plans for this upcoming season. Honestly, this was to be expected following the events of last November. You may remember that during the Blue White Game in April Penn State had fliers taped to seats throughout the stadium advertising available tickets.

John Tecce wrote on April 23, 2012;

It's no secret that Penn State has struggled with season ticket sales since the implementation of STEP, as evidenced by the holes in the crowd this past season. It looks like IMG decided to take a more aggressive approach at the Blue-White game by posting fliers on every few rows of bleachers in each section advertising season ticket availability. Great to see them being proactive about filling the seats, but very telling about the fan base right now in the post-STEP and post-scandal world.

Rovell used his economical mind to suggest that cheaper prices would draw more interest...

The reaction of some of Rovell's followers, and most notably from the Penn State community, may best be summed up with this photo...

You serious bro cat

Rovell later went on to say he talks to brokers "who buy thousands of tickets at college stadiums across the county, they know what things are worth." He also probably drives a Dodge Stratus and can do 100 push-ups in 20 minutes, but as long as the brokers he speaks with are not teenagers pretending to own a business, I guess we should take it for what it is worth (which Rovell could probably tell you what it is worth per in-season day if you asked).

Just as a reminder, we will have a ticket-reseller outlet for fans for the upcoming season as well through our friends at TicketCity (never mind the bowl game). Expect plenty of good prices this fall.

Success With Honor

Penn State's wrestling team was honored Monday night by the Big Ten Network, being named the Men's Team of the Year by the Big Ten's own television network. The two-time NCAA champions were as tough to beat off the mat as they were on the mat but there was certainly no doubt that the wrestling team form Penn State earned this distinction. Wrestling coach Cael Sanderson was honored as the Men's Coach of the Year award as well.

Congratulations to all of the winners for the various awards handed out Monday night.

Penn State is currently sitting in tenth place in the Director's Cup standings.

In Scores of Other Games...

Former Illinois basketball coach Bruce Weber says the Big 12 has better athletes than the Big Ten.

An Ohio man wants the state to keep Ohio State from referring to itself as the Buckeyes because of the bisexual nature of the Ohio buckeye.

Speaking of Ohio State, Urban Meyer is a rich man with a good amount of power given the contract details. He also grew up a fan of the Cleveland Indians.

Michigan State Athletic Director Mark Hollis received a well-deserved extension.

Jerry Sandusky Trial Updates

The trial continues to move along swiftly, with the prosecution wrapping up their side of the case Monday morning and the defense getting started with their side of the argument. The defense called upon character witnesses, including former assistant coach Dick Anderson, who testified that it was not uncommon and accepted in the sporting world to be sharing a shower with boys.

One charge against Sandusky was dropped Monday. A charge of unlawful conduct involving Victim 7 fell outside the time frame the alleged victim testified to on the stand last week. A total of 51 charges stil remain.

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