Jerry Sandusky’s Lawyer, Joe Amendola, Compares Trial to “All My Children” Soap Opera

| by Alex Groberman

Nobody went into the Jerry Sandusky child molestation trial expecting that one of the main characters would provide non-stop comic relief, but that’s exactly what Joe Amendola has been doing so far.

It’s also pretty much all he’s been doing so far.

You’ll recall, ever since he was initially brought on board, Amendola has earned himself almost as many negative headlines as Sandusky has. First, there was the underage girl thing. Then there was the Bob Costas interview. After that, you had the gay phone sex incident. And on Tuesday morning, Amendola added a whole new gaffe to the shockingly long list of ones he's made up to this point.

It feels as though Amendola has already given up on proving Sandusky’s innocence; now, he’s just angling for his own reality TV show.

(Kudos Matthew Kemeny via Deadspin)

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