Illinois Has Big Plans for September Game vs. Penn State

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Penn State has become known for their white out games. In recent years some schools have taken a new approach to color coordinating their fan base for a specific game. Illinois will take another stab at what they call "Stripe the Stadium" for the Big Ten opener between the Illini and Penn State on September 29.

From an Illinois email release:

For the Sept. 29 game against Penn State, the DIA will once again be asking fans to "Stripe the Stadium" orange and blue. Last season's inaugural Stripe the Stadium game against Ohio State was a huge success and we hope to make this year's bigger and better. Fans attending the game are encouraged to wear either orange or blue clothing depending on the section where their seats are located. Fans seated in the odd-numbered sections and the entire north end zone are asked to wear orange, while fans in the even-numbered sections should wear blue. In addition, the premium seating areas are encouraged to get in on the action this year.

I especially love the last part encouraging the premium ticket holders to join in the fun because I assume it means the big spending boosters and high brow alums attending Illinois games cannot be bothered with such acts of fandom.

As you can see from the image above, from last year's game against Ohio State, the stripe effect does seem to work and look pretty cool. I imagine it will look pretty similar this season as well. It tells me that Illinois fans paid attention to this type of color coordinating chart as well (after the jump)...

Illinois Stripe the Stadium 2012

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