2012 NFL Draft Review: Getting to Know Falcons' Bradie Ewing

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In addition to picking up Peter Konz in the second round, the Atlanta Falcons grabbed another Wisconsin Badgers player when they drafted fullback Bradie Ewing in the fifth. Yesterday, Andrew Coppens from the Wisconsin based blog Madtown Badgers joined us to answer some questions about Konz. Today, he returns to fill us in on the newest member of our offensive backfield.

First of all, check out the interview that Madtown Badgers did with Ewing last Friday and then come back and read what they had to say to our questions:

Ewings Path to Draft Paved in Hard Work

CFBZ: What are Ewing's strengths?

Madtown Badgers: Bradie is a guy that will flat out work. He brings a great attitude, leadership, and versatility to the table. Not only can he block, but he's an underrated receiving threat. He's about as complete for a fullback as you'll find out there.

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CFBZ: What does he need to improve to be successful in the NFL?

Madtown Badgers: Perhaps the only area he needs to work on may be running routes a bit better, but I don't know how tight of routes you'll be asking a fullback to run in reality.

While I had their attention, I also asked them about Louis Nzegwu. He is a defensive end that we picked up as an undrafted free agent. Here is what Andrew had to say about him:

At the NFL level I see him as a developmental type guy who's got the motor to play at the next level, but needs some technique work. He also is a bit faster at the edge than some give him credit for, but if he makes the 53 man roster in his rookie season I'd be a bit surprised.

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