New Mexico Beat Writer Dennis Latta Quits After Harvard Loss

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The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament costs some people a few bucks when they lose their office pool thanks to an upset. But sometimes, an early round exit in America’s greatest sporting tournament has even larger implications.

Dennis Latta, a 33 year veteran of covering the University of New Mexico’s basketball team, quit his job as a writer covering the squad for after a humiliating loss to 14th seed Harvard, which marked the first NCAA tournament victory in the history of the school.

What was it about this particular loss sealed the deal on his devotion to the school, and to his employer of over three decades? Because this year the team was finally expected to not only win, but do well in the tournament.

Said Latta in his article, “I was disappointed when New Mexico was seeded a lowly third. I truly believed UNM would prove the committee wrong and thought that going to the Final Four was a realistic possibility. This was going to be the Year of the Lobo.”

And after buying in wholeheartedly to that assumption, only to lose a first round game to a program that doesn’t offer athletic scholarships, Latta had seen enough. The last article he penned for the site turned out to be his resignation.

“No, I've had it. I've been to my last Lobo basketball game after covering the team for much of the last 33 years.”