Listen To John Calipari Confront A Radio Host Questioning His Coaching Abilities (Audio)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

It must be frustrating to be a star coach or player and hear talking heads constantly ranting about how you could be doing your job better. Most of these sports media types never coached or played a day of high-level sports in their lives, mind you.

Yesterday, Kentucky coach John Calipari got the chance to confront a radio host saying that he, a three time National Coach of the Year, isn’t a great “X’s and O’s guy.” Calipari’s call to Mike Francesa’s show came just minutes after he was in the studio with him.

At the start of the call, Calipari seems irked that Francesa waited until he left the studio to start talking about his coaching abilities.

“What are you saying I can’t coach?” Calipari says. “What are you saying I can’t coach? Why didn’t you say it when I was sitting there next to you?” 

“Come back up, come back up,” Francesa shoots back.

The rest of the clip is Calipari defending his abilities, calling himself “Cal the Magician” and hanging up unannounced.

Pretty good entertainment. Give it a listen: