Vince Carter Elevates, Stuffs Dirk Nowitzki (Video)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

The days of Vinsanity may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean Vince Carter can’t channel his old self every once in a while. Carter, 37 years old now, shot up into the air last night and issued a fierce rejection of a Dirk Nowitzki dunk attempt.

The block happened after Tony Allen, one of Carter’s Grizzly teammates, blocked Nowitzki’s three-point attempt. Nowitzki grabs the ball after the block and heads to the hoop for a dunk. Carter sees Nowitzki and meets him mid-air at the rim. Advantage: Carter.

Nowitzki may have six inches on Carter, but the tall German has never been known for his leaping ability. Nowitzki took the rejection in good humor, and later joked with reporters that the block was “a flagrant-two.”

Old man still has hops:

H/T: CBS Sports