Ref Joey Crawford Interrupts Kevin Durant During Crucial Free Throws (Video)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Surprise, surprise: the worst referee in the NBA made a terrible call last night.

For years, Joey Crawford has been considered one of the – if not the – worst referees in the NBA.

He lived up to his reputation yesterday when he inexplicably interrupted Kevin Durant during a crucial free throw sequence in overtime.

Durant drew a foul with 27.5 seconds left in overtime against the Grizzlies yesterday. The Thunder were down 100-98, and Durant was in a great position to tie the game. He sunk the first free throw, pulling his team within one point. Then, as Durant was dribbling and preparing to come up for his second shot, little Joey Crawford came sprinting up to him and took the ball out of his hands.

Here it is:

Crawford told reporters after the game he stopped play because the scoreboard wasn’t showing that both teams were in the bonus. I’m sure there's no way Crawford could have waited until after the free throw to make the correction.

Durant missed his free throw following the interruption and the Thunder lost 100-99. Way to make yourself the center of attention in the playoffs once again, Crawford. Just a few days ago he ran in front of Stephen Curry in the middle of a three-point attempt. The man always finds a way to insert himself into a game’s storyline:

None of this should surprise you, though. After all, this is the same guy who ejected Tim Duncan from a game for smiling. While he was on the bench. Crawford has botched so many calls over the years that someone took the time to compile a YouTube video of his worst gaffes. Some of them make you angry, and others are so terrible that all you can do is laugh.