Proof That Gregg Popovich Is The Likable, Grumpy Coach We All Think He Is (Video)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Gregg Popovich might be the most endearing grouch on the planet.

He’s a brilliant coach. But socially speaking, he’s blunt – to put it lightly. You can always tell if Pop feels like talking to someone. Just ask every NBA courtside reporter who has ever interviewed him. More than any other coach in professional sports, Popovich makes it very clear that he has no interest in answering silly halftime questions.

Pop’s no nonsense approach is a bigger hit with some people than others. Some people think he’s an ass, while others think his demeanor is a positive trait. It’s kind of like that one uncle who always messes with you even though deep down inside, you know he likes you.

Reddit user yaboyhamandcheese unearthed some old YouTube footage yesterday of Popovich instructing a few high schoolers at a basketball camp. The clip is only 17 seconds long, but it’s great. Why? Because it’s vintage Popovich. Vintage helpful, blunt, slightly grumpy Popovich.

The Spurs coach asks the kids what their names are, and seconds later tells them he couldn’t care less about their names. He then gets back to coaching them up.

Being a grumpy old man and an excellent basketball teacher at the same time. That’s Pop in a nutshell.