Photos: Kobe Bryant Wore this Black Superhero Mask During Lakers vs. Pistons

| by Alex Groberman

Slightly more than a week after Dwyane Wade randomly and needlessly broke his nose during the 2012 All-Star Game, Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant seemed to be adjusting to his situation quite nicely. Team personnel has designed an excellent mask for him that, aside from forcing him to drink his own sweat periodically, seemed to be working pretty well. He had scored 30 or more points in each outing since the All-Star weekend, and even guided his squad to big win versus the Miami Heat this past Sunday.

So with all that in mind, what would you expect Bryant to do? If you guessed “change things for no reason,” you’d be right. Instead of wearing the tried and tested clear mask that had been working so well for him over the last week and change, Kobe decided to go superhero on the Detroit Pistons last night.

Predictably, the Lakers lost.

See if you can tell the subtle differences between the masks worn by L.A.’s biggest basketball star:

(via Sportige)

(via Washington Post)

(via the Lakers)

(via OC Register)

Why did Kobe Bryant decide to switch masks when the old one was working perfectly well? Because he’s Kobe Bryant.

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