Photo: Girl Gets Massive Gary Payton Tattoo on Her Side

| by Alex Groberman

Everyone who grew up watching basketball in the 90s knew and loved Gary Payton. During his time with the Seattle Sonics, he and Shawn Kemp made up one of the most formidable and ridiculously entertaining duos that’s ever existed in NBA history. Even during his ring chasing days with the Miami Heat when he finally earned his lone championship, Payton still managed to find a way to play an integral role in the one game that ultimately decided that series. He was just that good a player.

So again, loving Payton isn’t something crazy. Everyone loved Payton. But there are degrees of love as it applies to athletes, and some people take it slightly overboard.

Case in point, this girl:

The artwork on this is pretty fantastic, no question. I mean, this chick is probably nuts, but you have to give props where props are due.

(Kudos to I Am a GM for the find)

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