New York Post Trolls America with “1 Down, 7 to Go” LeBron James Cover

| by Alex Groberman

It was inevitable that, despite LeBron James winning his first championship on Thursday night, his haters would still find a reason to hate on Friday morning.

The truth of the matter is that all of the people who reviled and despised him for more than a month after The Decision, just reviled and despised him personally. It wasn’t The Decision that evoked those emotions, it was just something inherent about LeBron that they didn’t like. Him winning a title won’t change those peoples’ perceptions of him. For that matter, him winning two or three or four titles won’t change anything either.

There are just people in this world who will hate the guy until the end of time, for no real reason other than the fact that they want to.

Case in point, the person who put up this cover together:

Now, obviously that’s just a massive attempt to troll people, but it does also signify what a lot of LeBron’s haters are saying and thinking today. He promised a cagillion rings, therefore this first one doesn’t matter.

Right, okay.

As important as it is to realize that some people will hate LeBron no matter what, it’s equally important to realize that we, the rational ones, can’t change their minds. We shouldn’t try to. We shouldn’t pretend that LeBron can. We should just acknowledge reality and move on.

Of course, we can still laugh at them, though. That’s still totally cool. And we can definitely point out that all the haters sound exactly like this:

But don't try to change their minds. You can't. Only their king, Skip Bayless, wields that sort of power.

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