NBA Rumors: Greg Oden to Spurs or Heat, Chris Copeland to Lakers, Dwight Howard to Celtics and More

| by Alex Groberman

When the NBA season ends, players get to rest and team executives go to work. Regardless of whether franchises are on the brink of championship contention or are stuck in a state of perpetual Charlotte Bobcats-type awfulness, everyone makes moves. Short-term financial reasons, long-term financial reasons, short-term personnel moves, long-term personnel moves, draft picks, lottery position, trade assets, expiring contracts – the justification for various transactions varies. What remains constant, however, is the desire to do something.

While Dwight Howard has stolen most of the hoops-related headlines during the past few days, there are actually quite a few other interesting storylines floating around the NBA.

Greg Oden to the Heat or Spurs?

Oden is a classic sucker bet. He hasn’t played in a single basketball game since 2009-10 (and he played 21 games that year), but teams are still willing to give him a shot because he comes cheap. Well, yeah, he’s cheap – but that’s because he doesn’t play. Is throwing $900K at a guy not to play really all that cheap? Isn’t it better to spend $3 million on a guy who will give you some productivity as opposed to nearly a mil on a guy who you know will give you nothing? Both the Heat and Spurs need to bolster up the middle, but this isn’t the way to do it.  

Elton Brand to Knicks?

The Knicks made a seemingly horrible move when they acquired Andrea Bargnani, but it’s worth remembering that everyone made fun of them last summer, too. On paper this looks like a terrible trade. That being said, this year’s showing earned New York some faith. Brand is a low risk, decent reward pick-up.

Dwight Howard to Celtics?

No comment.

Chris Copeland to the Lakers or Jazz?

The Lakers have made it clear that adding three point shooters is a priority. Copeland is a stud and was shockingly undervalued by the Knicks last year. He’d be a good pick up for the Lakers, but because they’re over the cap they really only have the mini midlevel to work with.