Marcin Gortat Is Riding Around Poland In A Ridiculous Vehicle

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Most professional athletes buy cars like Benzes, Porsches, or BMWs to cruise around town in. Wizards center Marcin Gortat is not most professional athletes.

Wizards brass recently flew over to Poland to try and convince Gortat to return to the team next year, and the big seven footer greeted them in a way only he could: in a hummer with a mounted machine gun.

Here it is:

As strange as that vehicle is, the scene was made even more odd by the parade of colorful, retro Volkswagens Gortat had trailing him.

Check out this video:

Of course, you should come to expect these kinds of little oddities from Gortat. Last week, he posted a picture of himself walking around a mall in Poland with a pig. Yes, a pig. Gortat's caption for the photo said "Right here chilling with my puppy in shopping center in Poland."

Don’t ever change, Marcin.