J.R. Smith Destroys Kris Humphries with Kanye West Tweet

| by Alex Groberman

Different people will have different opinions of New York Knicks shooting guard, J.R. Smith. Some folks love him. Other folks hate him. You can make a reasonable case for either side, if you really want to.

One person who different people don’t have differing opinions on, though, is Brooklyn Nets big man Kris Humphries.

Everyone hates him.

Beginning with his fake marriage to Kim Kardashian and ending with his generally irritating demeanor, Humphries evokes feelings of annoyance whenever he shows his face anywhere.

And that is why J.R. Smith opting to destroy him on Tuesday morning was oh so sweet.

After Brooklyn defeated New York 88-85 on Monday night, Humphries sent out the following seemingly harmless tweet:

Smith’s retort was not as harmless.


If David Stern has any sense whatsoever, he will award Smith with four points for that brutal Twitter shot and reverse the outcome of last night’s game.

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