Joel Embiid: LeBron To Cavs Doesn't Matter, Spurs Winning Title Again

| by Jonathan Wolfe

LeBron James announced that he’s returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers today, and in doing so put an end to Joel Embiid’s hilarious attempt to woo him to Philadelphia.

Embiid had been hard at work on Twitter over the last few weeks trying to convince James to sign with the lowly 76ers. 

He started off with this tweet on July 1:


When that failed to elicit a response from James, Embiid tweeted that he was waiting with the same stone-cold face he sported on draft day:


After the news about LeBron broke today, Embiid conceded defeat:


He followed that up with a shot at Cavaliers fans, calling them out for embracing the same player they despised after he left four years ago:


He ended the whole thing with a prediction that’s sure to make some of our readers happy:


If Embiid’s game on the court is half as strong as it is on Twitter, 76ers fans are in for a pleasant surprise.