Jared Cunningham Gets Juked Off The Court By Eric Bledsoe (Video)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Athletes regularly fall victim to the smooth moves of an opponent. You can call it getting juked, getting your ankles broken, etc. Regardless of the terminology used, we all know a good fake when we see one.

No one is more familiar with all of this right now than Clippers’ backup guard Jared Cunningham. Cunningham fell victim to one of the nastiest jukes in recent memory yesterday when Suns guard Eric Bledsoe faked him off the court – literally.

During a preseason game yesterday, Bledsoe drove inside the arc for a moment before pulling up for a three. The quick pull up was way too much for Cunningham to handle and the poor guy went plodding off the court.

Check out the crowd’s reaction:

H/T: Deadspin