Jamal Crawford Tosses Blake Griffin Alley-Oop During Clippers-Bucks (Video)

| by Alex Groberman

The Los Angeles Clippers are the most entertaining team in the NBA. There is a case to be made for either the Miami Heat or Oklahoma City Thunder being the league’s best team. The Los Angeles Lakers, without a doubt, are the most maddening team. As usual, the San Antonio Spurs are the most boringly effective team. But the Clippers, they are clearly the most entertaining team.

For a classic example of why L.A.’s other ballclub is so fun to watch, look no further than this ridiculous alley-oop Jamal Crawford tossed to Blake Griffin in the fourth quarter of Wednesday night’s showdown against the Milwaukee Bucks:

Griffin finished with 23 points and 11 rebounds. Crawford tacked on a game high 25 points. The Clippers won this one with ease 117-101.