NBA Rumors: Potential Dwight Howard Trade Between Nets, Magic, Cavs Falling Apart?

| by Alex Groberman

Late Sunday evening, rumors began to surface that the Brooklyn Nets were nearing a trade that would finally net them their prized big name center, Dwight Howard.

According to reports from both Adrian Wojnarowski and Ken Berger, Nets management was actively engaged in talks with the Orlando Magic and Cleveland Cavaliers that would, theoretically, land Howard in Brooklyn. While the specifics of this deal were never actually made clear, it was supposed to involve over a dozen players, an assortment of picks and a couple of buckets of tears from Orlando hoops fans.

This was the word when buzz about this trade was at its peak:

Then, early Monday morning, the information leaking about this trade started sounding a little more like this:

And finally, as of about an hour ago, it transformed into this:

The fact of the matter is, there is absolutely no reason for Kris Humphries to take a bad deal right now. Mind you, this is a guy just coming off a one-year contract. And for all his off-the-court dramatics, he’s still a double-double machine and someone who deserves a nice little payday just as much as any other big man in The Association.

Plus, it’s still very hard to tell what exactly Orlando was getting here. This trade looks absolutely horrible for them. They would be better off trading Howard for cap space to someone who is willing to ‘rent’ him. Heck, they’d be better off trying to trade Howard for Andrew Bynum, even if Bynum were to walk out on them when his contract expires.

Making a bad deal for the sake of making a deal is dumb – no matter how much pressure you’re feeling.

Stay tuned, one way or another, a resolution is likely on the way.

Update: Maybe not.

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(Kudos Woj, Berger)

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