An Open Letter to Bryce Harper

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Dear Bryce Harper,

First off, as you obviously know, you are an incredibly talented athlete and appear to have an enormous career in front of you. I greatly respect your athletic abilities and what you have accomplished thus far.         

That being said, it is time to grow up. 

By now you should know that walking off a Solo HR in the 3rd inning of a 1-0 game is always going to be grounds for the opposing team to plunk you, especially when it is done cleanly, which it clearly was.  Then, when you add in the facts that you are 2 for 26 with 8 K’s against that team for the year, you were losing by 1 run at the time, you trail that team by 13.5 games (now 14.5 games) in the division, and you have yet to earn the respect of many MLB players across the league, it becomes downright stupid of you.

Do you think Mike Trout would have caused a ruckus after getting plunked on the buttocks in a 2-1 game? I’ll give you a hint: the answer isn’t “yes”.  

(By the way, Trout isn’t only more talented than yourself at the moment, but heads and tails classier than you are, which is why he is respected that much more by so many people)

Lastly, have you see the Braves position players? At the time of your plunking, the only player in the field for the Braves’ under 6-2 was Dan Uggla, who might have been the guy you wanted to see the least.

Now, to be fair, you did say you had no intention of charging the mound and I believe you. After all, the Braves would not have taken kindly to their young stud getting run at, and you would have likely been met by 6-5 Freddie Freeman, 6-4 Evan Gattis, 6-3 Brian McCann, 6-3 Chris Johnson, and both the Upton brothers. At that point, a suspension would have been the least of your worries.

Hey, at least you made one smart decision in the situation.


Cole Stevenson

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