Nyjer Morgan Admits to Cheating on His Girlfriend in Weird Twitter Confession

| by Alex Groberman

Nyjer Morgan is a free agent major league outfielder. It is impossible to say with certainty whether he is any good or not because he played for the Milwaukee Brewers last year, and as anyone who casually follows baseball and doesn’t live in Milwaukee can attest to, that team is absolutely unwatchable.

For what it’s worth, on his Wikipedia page, Morgan’s “Controversy” section is just about as long as his “Professional Career” section. That should tell you everything you need to know.

On Monday, Morgan found himself in the headlines once again when he went on a bizarre three tweet rant in which he confessed to cheating on his girlfriend. He also changed his background to the picture featured below.

Did Morgan cheat on his girlfriend? Was he the one posting all those tweets? Did he really willingly decide to change his Twitter account into a dedication to his girlfriend to make amends? We will likely get answers to all of those questions in the next 24 hours; the question is, will we still care at that point?

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