Michael Pineda Wants Everyone To Know He's Using Pine Tar

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda was tossed from yesterday’s game against the Red Sox after umpires discovered a not-so-subtle patch of pine tar on his neck. His ejection comes just two weeks after everyone and their blind cousin could see a pine tar smear on the palm of his throwing hand.

Using pine tar in baseball is technically illegal, but it’s well known that pitchers throughout the league find subtle ways to use the sticky, pitch-enhancing substance. The key here is subtle. Pineda twice now hasn’t made any effort to hide anything.

Here he is getting tossed:

Pineda apologized for the latest incident after the game last night, and said he only used it because he was worried about hitting someone. Totally believable.

"It was cold, I couldn't feel the ball in the first inning, I didn't want to hit nobody,'' Pineda said. "I apologize to my teammates, and to everybody. I'll learn from this mistake. It won't happen again.''