Can Any NL West Team Beat the Arizona Diamondbacks?

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When you look at the NL West standings on paper, it appears that this will be a very tight division race throughout the rest of the summer. I am not so sure, however.

When you look closer at the numbers though, the Diamondbacks have been, by far, the most consistent team in the division.

The Diamondbacks are the only team in the division with a winning record at home, on the road, and against every individual division. Not only that, but the Dbacks have also been especially good in close games. Boasting a 13-8 record in 1-run games while going 6-2 in extra innings. Both of those stats are best in their division.

With all that being said, that is not the biggest reason to believe in the 2013 Diamondbacks being the team to come out of the West is their pitching staff.

Here are the Dbacks pitching numbers (with the Giants and Rockies stats in parentheses):

Team ERA: 3.49 (3.84/4.11)

Quality Starts: 32 (23/22)

Opp Batting Average: .251 (.251/.264)

Starters ERA:  3.63 (4.30/4.77)

Blown Saves: 11 (5/4)

As you can see above, the Diamondbacks have much better overall numbers pitching wise, despite the fact that their bullpen has struggled. Thanks in large part to their starting staff that includes Cy Young candidate Patrick Corbin who has 10 quality starts in 10 tries.

Just ask the Giants what wins the NL West though.

It isn’t offense (see Colorado Rockies) and most of the time it isn’t the bullpen (just ask Padres teams from years past). Just like in every other division it is starting pitching.

And right now the Dbacks have a surplus out West.

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