2011 MLB Playoff Preview: AL, NL Breakdown

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Arizona Diamondbacks (3) at Philadelphia Phillies (1)
Atlanta Braves (Wild Card) at Milwaukee Brewers (2)


Detroit Tigers (3) at New York Yankees (1)
Boston Red Sox (Wild Card) at Texas Rangers (2)

In the National League, with 20-games left on the schedule, the Diamondbacks are six games up on the San Francisco Giants. The two teams play each other three more times and Arizona’s magic number stands at 15. The Giants will have to make quite a run here if they are going to pull this off and they do not control their own destiny.

Barring something a kin to a plane crash, the Phillies, Braves and Brewers are for all intents and purposes all locked in to their spots.

In the American League, with 19-games left to play the Rangers are 3.5 games up on the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (God I hate saying that), the Angels have 20-games left on their schedule.  The Angels still have destiny in their own hands here as they play the Rangers at home the last three games of the season.

Detroit has their spot just about sewed up and the Yankees remain 2.5 games up on the Red Sox for the AL East Crown. Both teams are going to make the playoffs it’s a question of who they will play in the ALDS, the Tigers or Rangers / Angels.  While it may seem like the Yankees and Red Sox play every other week against each other, they do play three more times in New York the second to last series of the year. To the chagrin of both fan bases, both of these teams will be more concerned about getting their pitching set for the playoffs than they will winning those games.

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