CBS Sports Was Hacked, Translated Into Mock Ebonics (Photos)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

A hacker had some fun at the expense of today.

For about an hour this afternoon, there was a link at the “Recommended” section of the site saying “Redskins up wit f**k-ups: RG3 carted off (ankle), Deshizzle Jackson (shoulder.)”

If you clicked that link (with a title like that, how could you not?), you were taken a Gizoogled version of the CBS Sports page. Gizoogle is a program that translates the writing on any webpage into a profanity-laced, mock Ebonics style. For a while, everything on the site – headlines, links, picture captions, etc. – was written in Gizoogle form.

Luckily for you, we were able to capture a few screenshots of the page before CBS fixed the problem. Imagine going to a major news website and seeing this (warning: language):