Ronda Rousey: I Try to Have as Much Sex as Possible Before I Fight

| by Alex Groberman

Over the past year Ronda Rousey has become one of the biggest sports stars on the planet. Her innate ability to be both a hardcore chick and a sex symbol has allowed her to achieve maximum success in a ridiculously short amount of time.

Make no mistake about it, though, those two elements are equally important to understanding Rousey’s rise.

The hardcore chick portion of the formula speaks for itself: six pro MMA wins, one championship belt, first female fighter in UFC history. But all of that wouldn’t earn her as much mainstream acclaim as it has if she didn’t also say stuff like what she said on Jim Rome recently.

“For girls it raises your testosterone, so I try to have as much sex as possible before I fight actually. Not with like everybody, I don’t put out like a Craigslist ads or anything, but if I got a steady I’m going to be like 'yo, fight time’s coming up,'” Rousey said.

Or have pictures like this:


Unfortunately, just being an amazingly skilled fighter isn’t enough to grab the mainstream's attention if you’re a woman. You need that extra something. And Rousey understood that very early.

(Kudos MMA Weekly)

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