Robert Guerrero Thinks God Hates Floyd Mayweather Jr.

| by Alex Groberman

Robert Guerrero probably won’t beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. on May 4. It’s always fun to root for the underdog, and everyone has a chance when they step into the ring, but there is a reason why Mayweather is the sport’s top pound-for-pounder. You don’t maintain an undefeated record, while fighting most of your best contemporaries, by accident.

Mayweather was noticeably challenged more by Miguel Cotto in his last fight than he was in his prior showdowns, and even still, he dominated the Puerto Rican star for most of the match. If the public’s idea of Mayweather’s supposed vulnerability is based entirely on him giving away a few rounds to truly great fighter like Cotto, then it’s time for the media to reevaluate how it measures these guys.

Still, there appears to be a growing wave of momentum developing behind the notion that Guerrero might beat Mayweather. During a recent session with Michael Woods of ESPN, the 30-year-old challenger said he truly felt like he could snap his opponent’s undefeated streak. Why? Essentially because God was on his side. Which, if you think about it, sort of makes sense. If there was one guy in the world God hated, it’d definitely be Mayweather.

"When you believe, amazing things happen," Guerrero said. "I'm telling you all now that I am going to beat him. I believe God does things for a reason. I believe he put me here to humble Floyd Mayweather, and it is going to happen."

He then expanded on that theory: "I look at myself as a modern-day David and Floyd is Goliath. Armies feared Goliath, and David walked out with a slingshot and some pebbles. Floyd says, 'I'm the best ever, nobody can beat me.' When you exalt yourself, the Lord will humble you."

So there you go. Of course, it is worth noting that Mayweather has been the sport’s biggest braggart for more than a decade now, and the lord has yet to humble him. Well, scratch that, he is making him fight on Showtime now – that’s sort of like a punishment.

"When you boast, when you lift yourself so high on a pedestal, the Lord will knock you off the pedestal," said Guerrero, the man who previously told Bad Left Hook he knew he could walk through Berto.  

But yeah. If Guerrero’s sole claim to possibly beating Mayweather is that God is on his side now, then maybe the odds makers are being a little too generous with a 9-to-1 line.

Update: God has decided to punish Guerrero for his comments, apparently. He was arrested for taking a gun on a plane today.

Sources: ESPN, Bad Left Hook

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