Miesha Tate Offers a Weird Take on Why Men Should be Able to Hit Women

| by Alex Groberman

Former Strikeforce women’s champ Miesha Tate is really tough. There is no denying that she could relatively easily beat up a lot of men. And because she’s so tough and has the ability to beat up a lot of men, she has a unique perspective on topics like male-on-female (or female-on-male) violence.

On Thursday night, for whatever reason, she opted to tackle a somewhat controversial subject on Twitter: is it okay for a man to pop a woman if she hits him first?

Tate’s core points on the matter were sound. She pointed out that it is unfair for women to be able to assault their counterparts knowing that society’s double standards prevent men from being able to return the favor.

Very, very reasonable. If one believes that double standards should not exist, then giving women a free pass to hit men while admonishing men for hitting women is not right. Both deserve an equal amount of criticism. Totally understandable point of view.

But then things got a little weird.

What does that even mean? This is where the train went off the tracks. If the argument is that there shouldn’t be double standards for males and females, then why would you support the idea that ‘if a female attacks someone she forfeits her right to being treated like a female’? You’re still perpetuating the double standard there. You’re still saying that there are two different rules for males and females. All you’re doing is disqualifying certain people from one set of rules.

This is a obviously messy, controversial topic that doesn’t lend itself well to Twitter, but Tate’s point definitely got lost midway through all the people she began retweeting and responding to.

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