Max Holloway: "People Say I'm Mature for My Age"

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Age isn't a factor to Max Holloway (6-1), who is the youngest fighter on the UFC roster at 20-years-old and just picked up his second win under the company's name.

Holloway defeated Justin Lawrence (4-1) at UFC 150 via TKO with just 11 seconds remaining in round two.

Holloway attributes staying calm and focused to his success at such a young age.

"I'm from this little town in Hawaii and you see stuff and you just have to grow up fast," said Holloway. "There's a lot of athletes from our front and they could have been something, but something's holding them from the top. I just got to keep it cool and people say I'm mature for my age."

The win makes Holloway 2-1 since he debuted for the UFC in February 2012. Lawrence, a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter: Live, suffered his first professional loss in the fight.

"I just want to be respected as one of the best in this division," said Holloway. "When they think about 145 [pound] strikers in the UFC, one of the first three names that pop into their head is Max Holloway."

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