Manny Pacquiao, Juan Manuel Marquez to Face Winners of Bradley-Provodnikov, Rios-Alvarado?

| by Alex Groberman

Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez meeting again is all but etched in stone at this point. After a bit of public maneuvering and some interesting negotiating tactics, both fighters have now officially expressed interest in a rematch. All that is left to work out is the specific terms. And seeing as no other potential opponents out there can offer these guys the sort of pay day they offer each other, it’s a virtual lock that those terms will be agreed to.

The only question now is: when will they fight?

Heading into this week, it was assumed their prospective match would take place in September. That assumption was based on the notion that both men would fight only once in 2013.

However, during a recent interview, promoter Fernando Beltran indicated that perhaps both Pacquiao and Marquez will fight twice this year. 

"Manny wants to face Juan Manuel Marquez and I am sure that this fight can be done. I think that before this fight it is more likely that Marquez and Pacquiao will face the winners of the fights between Timothy Badley and Ruslan Provodnikov [taking place on 3/16] and Brandon Rios against Mike Alvarado [taking place on 3/30]," Beltran told Boxing Scene.

Beltran’s plan would result in Pacquiao and Marquez fighting those guys in the summer. Then they would meet for their own match-up in December.

There are two problems with that idea: 1.) both could lose during the summer, thus taking some shine off their prospective December bout and 2.) in December Pacquiao will be 35 and Marquez will be 40 – does anyone really want to wait that long?

The best course of action is taking the biggest available pay day now – which is Pacquiao-Marquez V.

(Boxing Scene)