Is Manny Pacquiao Impacted by this Floyd Mayweather-50 Cent Beef?

| by Alex Groberman

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his onetime best friend, 50 Cent, may or may not be beefing. Nobody knows for certain what their status is and, really, nobody cares all that much anymore. There was some intrigue, initially, but that's all gone now. At this point, all anyone really wants to know is: how might their beef, whether it’s real or fake, impact a potential super fight between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao?

In order to understand how this situation might impact Pacquiao, we have to start at the beginning. On Saturday night, 50 Cent and Mayweather hurled a barrage of insults at one another via Twitter. Because, you know, that is how grown men express their frustrations. Or something.

Here was their exchange:

Here is one I can’t post fully because our advertisers don’t like cursing: F**k Boy you look cute in that jacket

After the media (including us) reported on this beef, 50 Cent came out and said that it was all just a gag. That Mayweather had asked him to stir up some fake controversy.  

Is 50 Cent telling the truth there? Who knows. The insults he and Mayweather were lobbing at one another didn’t sound like they were jokes. When was the last time 50 took someone pointing out his declining album sales lightly? When was the last time Mayweather let someone publicly berate him? Their exchange, despite what 50 Cent is saying now, didn’t seem staged.

Whatever, though.

Back to the original question: how does this impact a potential Dream Match? Well, it impacts it in one of two ways. If the beef was real, it kills any and all chance of 50 Cent serving as a middleman between Pacquiao and Mayweather. When he was on good terms with both men, 50 Cent could have been the respected mediator who brought everyone together. If he is beefing with Mayweather, though, obviously that doesn’t work. If the beef was fake, 50 Cent remains a viable mediating option, but you have to wonder if Pacquiao would trust him. If a guy can stage an entire beef with his best friend where he publicly clowns over him over some very real facts, what will he do to you in a potential business transaction?

Any which way you want to look at it, it is difficult to review what happened this weekend and see 50 Cent serving as any sort of middleman between Mayweather Pacquiao in the future. Regardless of whether the beef was fake or not.

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