Limited Edition Manny Pacquiao Hoodie Released Just Before Marquez Fight

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By Nick Tywalk

Pretty sweet, no?

As if Nike hadn't already hooked Manny Pacquiao up with enough swag for being... well, Manny Pacquiao, the good folks at Sole Collector showed off some teaser images of a new hoodie that Pac-Man will supposedly sport later today at the weigh-in for his third battle against Juan Manuel Marquez.

Taking its design cues from both Manny's boxing career and his status as an officer in the Army Reserves of the Philippines (no, really!), this hoodie is a limited edition offering available in just a few places starting today. You're looking at the front-left part of the sweatshirt here; it also has some cool patches on the arms, one of which says "Pambansang Kamao."

Unless my limited knowledge of the Filipino language and Google Translate are both wrong, that translates roughly to "national fist."

No word yet on the price of this bad boy, but here's a guess: Expensive!


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