Juan Manuel Marquez Will Fight Manny Pacquiao Next, Not Brandon Rios or Timothy Bradley

| by Alex Groberman

There are two popular theories as it pertains to Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez meeting a fifth time. The first one centers around the idea that Marquez has a ton of potential opponents, and that he doesn’t have to grant his Filipino rival a rematch. The second centers around the idea that Marquez’s prospects are just as limited as Pacquiao’s.

Two days ago, a Mexican paper reported that Marquez was willing to fight Pacquiao again, but that he wanted to do it later in 2013 – not September. Why? Well, because he allegedly had plans to take another fight earlier in the year. The insinuation there, of course, is that Marquez has tons of prospective foes lined up and every option in the world as far as what his next move is. That specific Mexican report cited Brandon Rios and Timothy Bradley as possibilities, but really it could have been any reasonably well-known fighters.

First and foremost: a reality check. Bradley is not available for an early-to-mid 2013 bout. He is taking on Ruslan Provodnikov next month. Rios, similarly, is also booked – he has another date with Mike Alvarado scheduled for the end of March. Neither of those guys has been sitting around, waiting for Marquez to call. That means if Marquez was/is seriously considering either one, he would have to fight them at the end of the year. When he is 40. And after having not fought for nearly a year.

Not happening.

Beyond just the obvious reasons why Marquez won’t fight Bradley, Rios or someone of that ilk, there is also the business side of things. Quite frankly, neither Bradley nor Rios can do serious PPV numbers like Pacquiao can. Which means that, even though Rios might be able to put on a better show at this point in time, that doesn’t really matter because nobody is going to pay to see it. Marquez has one to two fights left in him, does he really want to go out not maximizing his possible earnings?


Marquez’s options for this year read as follows: Pacquiao, Pacquiao and Pacquiao. That’s it. There is no one else on his wish list. And all reports to the contrary, any smoke and mirrors-type stuff that his camp does between now and the time they inevitably agree to a fifth fight, it’s all for show.