Fastest Loss In MMA History (Video)

| by Michael Allen

The fastest loss in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) history reportedly happened in Belfast, Ireland over the weekend.

During the "Cage Contenders 18" fight, James Gallagher and Alex McCooke eyed each other for a few seconds, before McCooke tapped the mat and forfeited the match, reports Fox Sports (video below). notes a man in the audience verbally expressed his displeasure by repeatedly moaning, "Ah, no."

According to, Gallagher later tweeted:

[McCooke] said he had a sore chest and didn't feel ready for the fight lol nuts!

Conor McGregor, another MMA fighter and friend of Gallagher, tweeted:

I respect anyone who steps in there. At any level. It's not for the feint hearted (sic). But don't make that walk just to tap at the bell.

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