De La Hoya Wants To Talk With Bob Arum About Pacquiao - Canelo Fight

| by Jonathan Wolfe

For the first time in years, Oscar De La Hoya wants to talk business with Bob Arum.

The Golden Boy Promotions president told the LA times he’s “back and better than ever” and wants to put an end to the stalemate between he and Arum that’s prevented a number of appealing fights from taking place over the past few years.

“I was dealing with personal issues, but I’m back,” De La Hoya said. “Golden Boy is my baby. Boxing is my passion, boxing is my life. This is what I’ll be focusing on, growing the brand, making the fights people want to see.”

One big name topic De La Hoya wants to discuss with Arum is the possibility of a fight between Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Manny Pacquiao.

“Anything is possible,” De La Hoya said. “That’s one of the reasons I was extending the olive branch. The fans want to see these fights. If anyone with Golden Boy has any differences with Bob, it’s on them. I have nothing against Bob and I feel making fights with Bob is beneficial to the fans and the market.”

The Times also reached out to Arum, who said his phone lines are open to De La Hoya.

“I’ve always had a good relationship with Oscar except when other people interfered,” Arum said. “Oscar and I got along famously and I think we will continue to in the future. Remember, we had a long and successful, very profitable relationship. It was a very happy time in both of our lives. To revisit that and to renew the relationship is something I look forward to.”